The Canadian List

Canada has rich history in comics that Canadians are often too humble to acknowledge but we mustn’t forget! This list is to educate the newbies (including ourselves!) and remind the veterans of what the Canadian comic scene has always been about. We’ve divided it into 7 categories: CreatorsComics/Graphic NovelsComic ShopsFestivals/Conventions/AwardsPublishersCanadian Comics Publications SuperheroesIf you have someone or something to add to the list, please send us an email. Help is very much appreciated!


Arsenault, Isabelle (Pinterest/Site)

Beaton, Kate (Twitter/Tumblr/Site)

Bradford-Lea, Sheree (Twitter/Facebook/Site)

Britt, Fanny (Twitter)

Carroll, Emily (Twitter/Blog/Site)

Castellucci, Cecil (Twitter/Site)

Clement, Gary (Twitter/Site)

Curatolo, Fred (Site)

de Adder, Michael (Site)

Donato, Andy

Erin Hicks, Faith (Twitter/Tumblr/Site)

Lee O’Malley, Bryan (Twitter/Tumblr/Instagram)

Lemire, Jeff (Twitter/Site)

North, Ryan (Twitter/Tumblr/Site)

Pérez, Ramón (Twitter/Tumblr/Site)

Staples, Fiona (Twitter/Tumblr/Instagram)

Tamaki, Mariko (Twitter/Site)

Tamaki, Jillian (Twitter/Pinterest/Blog/Site)

Wiebe, Kurtis J. (Twitter/Tumblr/Site)

Zdarsky, Chip (Twitter/Tumblr/Site)

Zub, Jim (Twitter/Site)

Comics/Graphic Novel

Comic Shops

Beguiling Books & Art, The (Toronto, ON)

Comic Book Lounge, The (Toronto, ON)

Cyber City Comix (Toronto, ON)

Silver Snail, The (Toronto/Ottawa, ON)


Fan Expo Canada

Fan Expo Vancouver

Joe Shuster Awards, The

Toronto ComiCon

Toronto Comics Arts Festival (TCAF)


Drawn and Quarterly

Canadian Comics Publications

Comics! The Blog



Captain Canuck


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