Cover Comments February 2014 – DC & Dark Horse Edition

Welcome to cover comments! A monthly feature where we break down what we think are the best and worst covers the month has to offer.

DC Comics

I am really digging what’s going on with the various Superman covers this month. So eye catching. But two definitely stood out as especially awesome.

Action Comics #28


Superman #28

superman 28

I just love what they’ve done with the titles and the old fashioned look to Action Comics. They look classic but with an edge.

Batwing #28


As always I adore the Batwing covers. The colours are so unique and pop right off the page.

Batgirl #28


Talk about jumping out at you. The painted cover, the dark shadows, Batgirl as a vampire…I need this comic! It’s dark and disturbing and different from what you normally see on Bat-books.

Sandman Overture #2


We may have lost J H William’s gorgeous art on Batwoman but at least there is still Sandman. And in Sandman he can let his creative flag fly. There is so much going on in this cover, I’m curious to know what every little bit represents even though I have read the main Sandman series.

Dark Horse

Creepy Comics #15


This was probably my least favourite cover of the month. Not because the art is bad. The art is fine. But it’s just so silly. What she’s just running around the jungle naked but yet ready to kill things? And if she doesn’t care what she’s wearing why even bother with that stupid strip of clothing that covers nothing? But of course Jungle Women still have time to style their hair.

Tomb Raider #1


If the last cover was an example of what not to do, this is an example of them getting it right. Lara Croft looks bad ass here! She’s wearing logical clothing, she has not one but two weapons, she is not looking over her shoulder so that her butt is the first thing we see, and despite being wounded she is not depicted as “in distress.” Love everything about this.

Mind MGMT #19


I always love the art in Min MGMT but the last few month’s I’ve found the covers kind of blah. This feels like a return to the truly bizarre nature that is this series.

Occultist #5


I love the mixture of styles going on here – from the fluidity to the red cloak to the neon sign reflection of his adversary. I’m not familiar with this series but this cover makes me want to dive in.

Star Wars #14


Favourite Dark Horse cover of the month. Just gorgeous. (Plus I’m such a Darth Vader fangirl). I bet it looks even more amazing in print.

Looks like we had better luck this month with DC & Dark Horse titles than we did back in November. Which ones were your favourites?


New Comics Day: Our January 15 2014 Pull List


Rat Queens #4 (Image)

rat queens 4


This comic is awesome.


Coffin Hill #4 (Vertigo)

coffin hill 4


Not enjoying the pacing of this story. This issue will determine whether I continue reading it.


Velvet #3 (Image) 

velvet 3


Ed Brubaker!


Marvel Knights: Hulk #2 (Marvel)



LOVED issue #1.


Alex + Ada #3 (Image)

Alex & Ada 3


I’m enjoying this so far. Let’s see where this issue takes me…


Amazing X-Men #3 (Marvel)

amazing xmen 3

I’m still really enjoying this series. Although my Nightcrawler bias might be showing.

Batgirl #27 (DC Comics)


Batgirl Wanted is over. Now let’s see what gothtopia is all about.

Coffin Hill #4 (Vertigo)

coffin hill 4

The witches of Coffin Hill may be my favourite witches.

Rat Queens #4 (Image)

rat queens 4

Just love this series so much.

Velvet #3 (Image)

velvet 3

Ed Brubaker ❤

Cover Comments November 2013 – DC and Dark Horse Edition

Welcome to cover comments! A monthly feature where we break down what we think are the best and worst covers the month has to offer.

Overall, it was a meh experience since most of the covers were neither terrible or great. That doesn’t mean I’d have an empty list! onward with the cover comments…

– Ardo



Batwoman 25

GOR-GEOUS. I love J.H. Williams so much and this cover is STUNNING. I don’t read Batwoman but I can tell you that I’ll miss Williams on the book for this very reason. Since Williams was taken off the series at issue 25 rather than 27, I’m not sure if this’ll be the cover used but it gets a win regardless. A++++


Batgirl 25

Ever since Alex Garner has been drawing the covers of Batgirl, I’ve been salivating at it’s beauty. I can say for a fact that this is probably the most gorgeous and stand out cover that DC has in the entire month of November aside from J.H. Williams’ Batwoman. Good job.


Adventures of Superman 7

I love this cover so much mostly because of the contrast between Superman and the train. Superman is drawn in this classic, Fleischer-esque style while the train is far more advance with it’s slow motion/blurring effect. Sometimes, harking it back old school can create a warm fuzzy feeling that’ll in turn make a stand out cover.


Bird of Preys 25

This cover could have easily made it on my “hell yes” list if it wasn’t for that mouth. I don’t know why but that mouth looks so odd on someone engaging in a fight. it looks more like a “what’s going on….” mouth than a “hiiiii-yah” mouth. It’s distracting. Otherwise, I adore the color scheme. It’s so different and if it wasn’t for that awkward mouth, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.


suicide squad

No. I refuse. Quite possibly the only cover that I’d cool terrible including both DC and Dark Horse.



Ghost #1

Ghost #1

I like the color scheme and I like how this character is drawn. Not AH-MAZING but it’s pretty good.

The Occultist #2


This is the second time Occultist got onto Cover Comments for the right reasons. Gorgeous looking cover. The richness of the colors are amazing and I’d buy this without having to know what it is (assuming I have cash to burn which I don’t sadly).

X #7


I like this cover because of the texture. I do enjoy seeing paint being used as a medium (assuming this is paint which i think it is) because it offers this depth to the art and you can get these cool effects with it too. Again, not an amazing cover but it was definitely one of the better ones over at Dark Horse.

I’m a bit disappointed with Dark Horse and DC in terms of covers. Hell, I’d even take really bad ones just so I’d have SOME THING to discuss. Maybe Christa will have a better time with Image and Marvel…