Originally published September 6th, 2013.

Today is not just the launch of this awesome site but a celebration of EEEE-VILLLLL!!!

It’s DC Comics’ Villains Month which works out well because any of you attending school right now were probably calling it that long before this big event (yes, I’ve already started with the terrible jokes. -Ardo). What a great way to get the ball rolling than to watch our favourite titles get hijacked by the villains we love to hate.


We have reviews up of our buys this week that are jam packed with villainy as well as the first installment of our Canuck Comics Facts feature.

So pull up a chair, grab some snacks, maybe a notebook to take some notes and enjoy.

– Christa and Ardo


We’ve moved!

Welcome to our new home! Though we only launched a month ago (can’t believe it’s been a month already) we have realized that Tumblr just isn’t ideal for some of the things we have planned. So we’ve shimmied our way over to WordPress.

Our Tumblr account will remain active and will still have short updates and other fun stuff, but our main posts will be here.