The Weirdos in the Sky: The Guardians of the Galaxy trailer of awesome

To be clear I mean weirdos in the best possible way. Seriously, I love these guys.

This trailer debuted on Monday so there’s a good chance you’ve already seen but just in case you haven’t I thought I’d post it here.

Earlier this year I read Volume One of the current Guardians of the Galaxy series by Brian Michael Bendis. And I fell in love with it – with the characters, with the world, with the sarcastic sense of humour. The whole lot of it.  I’m not sure how much the movie is going to use from this series versus older plot lines but there’s one thing I can say for sure – this is one endearing group of outlaws. If you’re not excited about this movie yet, you should be.

What did you think of the trailer? Have you read any of the Guardians of the Galaxy comics? Do you have a favourite?


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