New Comics Day: November 20 Pull List

I’m on a comics hiatus these past few weeks but will return next week! Meanwhile,enjoy Christa’s Pull List. – Ardo


Harley Quinn #0 (DC Comics)

To say we’re sceptical of this comic would be putting it lightly. Harley’s treatment in the new 52 so far has been disappointing. However Amanda Conner rocks and there is an incredible roster of artists attached to this issue so be willing to give it a fair shot.


 Batwoman #25 (DC Comics)

The first of two Zero Year tie ins we think you should check out. Plus its the first issue with the new creators. Probably a good place for new readers to jump in and see what they think.


 Birds of Prey #25 (DC Comics)

The second Zero Year issue – because who doesn’t want more Black Canary?


 Red Sonja #5 (Dynamite)

Always fantastic. And this week there’s a Becky Cloonan variant cover! (pictured above)


 Sex Criminals #3 (Image)

It’s not for everyone but the quirkiness keep some (Christa included) coming back for more.


 The Wake #5 (Vertigo)

We’re half way through! Things are getting dicey for our under the sea crew.


X-Men #7 (Marvel)

The Muertas story arc kicks off. Another good jumping on point for new readers.


Young Avengers #12 (Marvel)

After hearing news about the end of this series it’s time to treasure every page of these last few issues.


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