News Day Tueday – November 19

The Flash television show will now be getting a standalone pilot rather than a back door one through Arrow


In more TV news there are actual people attached to the Jessica Jones’ show  

Probably the most heart breaking news of the week is when I heard it was the end of Young Avengers.…for now?

Wolverine and the X-Men is also disappearing from the roster. First Fearless Defenders, then Young Avengers now Wolverine and the X-Men, what are you doing to me Marvel?

Brian Wood responds to sexual harassment allegations and Tess Fowler responds to that.  All of this suggesting we need to once again have a conversation of women in comics and rape culture.

Geoff Johns tells us to “keep our eye on Lex” as we look towards the future of the DC Universe.

Detective Comics #27 will celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Batman with a whopping 96 pages! And some other good stuff of course.  Like a futuristic African American Robin?


AMC is adapting Preacher into a television show. They need to fill the Walking Dead sized hole in people’s hearts.

– Christa



2 thoughts on “News Day Tueday – November 19

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  2. I heard about the Brian Woods/Tess Fowler debate a few days ago. While I know nothing about either creator, I would not be surprised if eventually we find out Tess is correct in what happened to her. I have been a Geek since I was young lad in the early eighties (i.e. I am old), and even back then stories of jerks in the industry were commonplace. The overt, institutionalized, sexism and harrassment that existed is still around, but thankfully lessened, mostly due to more female creators in the industry and more enlightened male creators. The days of Mort Weisenger will someday be completely banished.


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