News Day Tuesday – November 12 2013

Highlight of the week: there’s a new Ms Marvel!

The Marvel Netflix deal! Or as I like to call it the “They’re making a Jessica Jones show! And some other ones too…”


Lois Lane will be getting her own one shot in the new year. Wish it was at least a mini-series but I’ll take what I can get.

These superhero dresses on Etsy make me want to spend all of my money.

Kevin Smith has seen the new Batsuit and it is  unlike anything we have ever seen before. 

And speaking of Batman v Superman. Could a possible former sidekick be on the roster as well?

Some photos have been released from The Amazing Spider Man #2. Including this adorable one:


Could Storm be getting her own series?

Justice League War finally has a release date and in preparation check out the trailer below:


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