News Day Tuesday – November 5 2013

Jeff Lemire is creating a superheroine inspired by real Canadian teen activist to appear in the upcoming Justice League of Canada.

Speaking of Canadian comic creators, Faith Erin Hicks has a new project on the horizon!

Is anyone else dying to know what Jaimie Alexander knows about Batman v. Superman?

Jonathan Frakes is directing an Agents of SHIELD/Thor crossover episode!

We’re getting another Wolverine movie. And I’m with The Mary Sueput Jubilee in it! Her lack of presence in any of the X-Men movies is the thing I’m most disappointed by.

CW is continuing with the comic book to TV series trend. Next up Hourman. 

Mark Waid’s Daredevil ISN’T ending, but it is moving to digital. 

Bill Willingham has announced, the comic that got me into comics, Fables is coming to an end. 

Nick Cardy, renowned DC artist, has passed away.  RIP. You will be missed.

1383551134– Christa



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