Archives: “Review Spotlight: Saga #14”

Originally published on Thursday, September 26, 2013

Image Comics. Written by  Brian K. Vaughan. Art by Fiona Staples.


I feel like a broken record when I talk about this comic but seriously it is just that good and because it is that good it is the subject of my very first Spotlight review here at Improbable Chuck!

When I first started reading Saga it was very fast paced. People were constantly on the move, their was a lot action, a lot of tension and a lot of drama. It’s part of the reason I got so hooked on this series. These more recent issues however have slowed down a bit – now that we’re familiar with the conflict, Vaughan is taking the time to explore the different personalities. Not just their primary objectives, but personality traits and emotions below the surface. It’s something that a lot of comics skip over – sacrificing good quality (and unique) character development for story and action. So though I liked the fast pace of the earlier issues I’m really enjoying these ones as well.

No character is too small in this series. Everyone is important. And because of that you get attached to everyone. Even the people trying to chase down our heroes – Alana, Marko and baby Hazel. But in this particular issue the character that stood out the most was Sophie (formally Slave Girl) and she was only in a few panels! But they were powerful ones. She now has to adjust to a new life, one completely different than the hell she was living through and one that clearly scares her. The following panels were so simple, so straight forward, yet they actually made me choke up a bit, hoping that everything will turn out ok for her.


Saga is a comic series for those who appreciate storytelling. Both in that it is masterfully told but also in that many of its themes and ideas come from a story itself. Now that Alana, Marko and crew have made it to Quietus, they are able to interact with their literary hero one on one. Anyone who has had the opportunity to meet one of their favourite authors is going to identify with this issue. Like so many of us, Alana and Marko are readers. They love books and we love them because of it.


And last but far (very far) from least, a huge shout out to Staples artwork. Half of the reason this series is so amazing is her work and this issue is no exception. Her characters are just so expressive and I always feel like I’m experiencing all of their emotions right along with them.


So if you aren’t reading this comic yet, get to it. it’s a comic for readers and dreamers and I’m certain you’re a least one of the two.

5 out of 5

– Christa


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