Archives: “News Day Tuesday (Sept 18-Sept 23)”

Originally published Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

Here’s what happened this past week in comic related news.

Agents of SHIELD starts today (!) and word on the street is an Agent Carter show will be following. Which one are you more excited for?

new Thor: The Dark World poster has been released. This one staring Lady Sif and she is looking fierce! And speaking of Thor…does Natalie Portman know something about a female-led superhero movie we don’t?

You may have noticed there have been some…interesting reactions to the Lobo redesign. I personally like the new design. I think he still looks ruthless and evil but a lot less Liefeldy, which is always a win in my opinion. Seems like Frank Cho disagrees (and here’s artist Ben Oliver’s response)

The New York Comic Con schedule is up! Unfortunately The Improbable Chuck team won’t be making it but we want to see all your cosplay pics!

If you’re stuck at home as well you can still find out about upcoming comics from us – for starters in December there will be a comic about three dogs at the end of the world  AND we’ll be seeing more of Serenity’s crew, not in a second movie, but in a new comic series

Which makes for a perfect segue! Gina Torres responds to fan-led campaign for her to play Wonder Woman

What would have happened if Wonder Woman was in the Batman Beyond Universe and Derek Fridolfs had his way (This game of What-Ifs is painful! This would’ve been awesome)

Did you know Christian Bale auditioned for Batman in Val Kilmer’s Suit? (and with Superman’s girlfriend)

That’s it for news this week!

– Christa & Ardo


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