Archives: “Improbable Questions: Print versus Online Comics”

Originally published Friday, September 23, 2013
We, the minions of Improbable Chuck, want to know things. Many things, in fact, but all those things can’t be contained in a single post or even multiple posts within our life time. So we’ve narrowed it down to one right now.

We want to know how you read your comics.

Do you primarily buy print or go for the easy click of a button on sites like Comixology? We also want to know which form you prefer because the method most often used doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the one you like the best. Do you enjoy the touch of a physical comic or love the easy storage of the eComic?

You have all week to let us know and we’ll write a post based on your answers. We’ll even tell you our personal preferences. You can answer via this post or, if you need more space, email us at

– Ardo and Christa

“Do you mostly get print or digital comics and which do you prefer?”


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