Archives: “The Nelvana Reprint Project”

Originally published in September 12, 2013.


We’ve briefly talked about Nelvana of the Northern Lights on this blog as part of the first Canuck Comics Facts but we will mention her again because 1) she’s awesome but mostly 2) a new project is in the works for her.

Who is Nelvana? She’s a Canadian comic book character that first appeared in August 1941 and was created by Adrian Dingle. Hope Nicholson andRachel Richey are spearheading a reprint project of all of Nelvana’s original issues for today’s comic book reader to enjoy. They already have a Facebook page and Twitter page dedicated to the project where they’ve posted a few pages of the first issue. They’ll be launching a crowdfunding campaign on October 1st 2013 so look out for that.

We hope to bring you more info and hopefully interviews of those involved when the crowd funding gets under way. It’s always nice to have Canadians who want to preserve and share our history in comics with fellow Canucks.

– Ardo


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