Archives: “Review Spotlight: Batman Li’l Gotham #6”

Originally published September 13, 2013.

Batman Lil Gotham #6 [Print Issue]

DC Comics. Written by: Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs. Art by Dustin Nguyen. Cover by Dustin Nguyen.


I love this comic so much. I’ve actually read ahead since the digital issues come out before the print but if you haven’t it up yet, what the heck is the matter with you?!

This issue is all about Mother’s Day and Father’s Day which means an al Ghul invasion! Story #1 follows Damien and Colin as they look for Colin’s mother who he hasn’t met since being dropped off at the orphanage as a baby. The end is really touching but I won’t spoil it because I’m nice and I want you to go “aweeeee” all on your own. Damien really shines in this story (and the series in general) when you pair his serious ten year old self with a silly or cute story setting.


Story #2 had a duel storyline that meet each other in the end. You have Barbara Gordon taking Papa Comish Gordon to a fancy restaurant only to find that 1) the restaurant has been overbooked and 2) they have to share a table with none other than Talia and Ras al Ghul. DRAMA! Elsewhere, there’s is a frightened Alfred as he awaits a Father’s Day dinner cooked by his boys: Batman, Damien (Robin), Jason (Red Hood), Dick (Nightwing) and Tim (Red Robin). Trust me when I say that the fear is warranted. These two stories discuss the different types of parental figures that are beyond just the biological. It takes more than just blood to be a parent and it’s done so in a way that isn’t preachy. The art is fantastic as always. Yay for water colors!


Still not convinced? Well, there’s a debate regarding ninjas between Talia and Barbara G that’s worth the read alone. 🙂


MORE with Issue #7 on Oct 9 2013

5 out of 5

– Ardo


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