Archives: “News Day Tuesday (Tuesday Sept 10 – Monday Sept 16 2013)”

Originally published September 17, 2013.

Compared to the week before, the comic world seemed downright calm and relaxed these past few days! Here’s what ended up on our radar:

Mark Landis seemed to suggest that he would be pitching a Wonder Woman movie? Has the internet pulled together and triumphed? Here’s hoping.

On the down side, however, Katee Sakchoff put an end to the Captain Marvel rumours. Oh well, we can still dream.

But there is a constellation prize – the film version of Greg Rucka’s Queen & Country is moving forward! And Ellen page is has been cast!

Going to NYCC? This adorable Super Best Friends Forever statue of Poison Ivy will be available! Who wants to get me one?

And for all you Fables fans out there – check out these fantastic book ends! Unfortunately there’s not enough room on my shelf to fit them & my books but I want them just the same.

Also in things that are awesome – SAGA COSPLAY!

DC is still trying to deal with the fallout over the Harley Quinn talent search. They have offered an official statement , although it doesn’t really apologize for anything.

But DC fans continue to be awesome – particularly the people behind “The Dark Knight Legacy.” A fan-made video which features Nightwing AND Stephanie Brown.

That’s all from our end! ‘Til next week

– Christa & Ardo


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