Archives: “News Day Tuesday! (Friday Sept. 6-Monday Sept. 09. 2013)”

Originally published in September 10, 2013. Photo from ComicsAlliance.

Our first news wrap up post! On Tuesdays, we’ll round up comics related news from all over the net from the past week. For this particular post, we thought we’d focus on the big news from our launch day (Sept. 6) and right up to Monday night.

Batwoman: Writers walk off, new writer named and DC is “anti-marriage”

On Wednesday night, J.H. Williams III posted on his blog that he and W.H. Blackman would be ending their run on Batwoman due to last minute editorial changes in recent months that frustrated the two. These changes included a firm NO to the wedding between Batwoman Kate Kane and Maggie Sawyer. Most people spun this as anti-gay marriage on the part of DC when it’s actually an anti-marriage stance as explained by co-publisher, Dan Didio, example briefly at a panel during the Baltimore Comic Con. A new writer of the book was announced, Marc Andreyko (Manhunter), who will start on issue #25 which looks like J.H. Williams III/W.H. Blackman will be off Batwoman an issue earlier from what they’ve announced.

The Batwoman kerfuffle did bring up interesting points in regard to Marriage and the New 52: 1) apparently marriage hinders the heroic story of the superhero and 2) some characters we thought were married…actually aren’t. Specifically, Aquaman and Mera who are not, in fact, married in the New 52 which confused a lot of readers like myself. Sue from DC Women Kicking Ass found this interesting as well and wrote a post about it (check it out).

It hasn’t been a great few days for DC. The company has put out a new talent search when applicants were asked to draw based on a page/script on the site for Harley Quinn’s upcoming book. The problem? It’s panel shots of her in various suicidal situations and, in one, naked. People were upset that this sexualized/romanticized suicide which caused Jimmy Palmiotti to clarify that this is an attempt to “break the fourth wall, and will address the shortcomings of the different artists drawing her in her Zero issue” (From Bleeding Cool).

The Harvey Awards have come and gone leaving the winners in it’s dust.Check that out here.

CW’s Arrow has a new promo trailer and an actress has been found to play the New 52 Amanda Waller.

Rumours swirled after Louis D’Esposito mentioned Captain Marvel as a possible female led superhero film but he wasn’t committing to anything so why get all excited, right? HOWEVER, Katee Sackhoff let it slip in a podcast interview that Disney/Marvel has been looking at her availability “the first quarter of next year”. YES TO THIS.

Chip Zdarsky is one half of the creative team of the upcoming comic, Sex Criminals, AND Canadian so it makes sense to have a launch party north of the border. The Beguiling, a Toronto based comic shop, is hosting a launch party with both Zdarsky and Matt Fraction in attendance. Here’s the deets on that.

BOOM! Studios announces a new book about a Dinosaur in Space from the creators of Adventure Time. Ryan North, a Canadian comic book writer, is on the project!

Marvel’s next wave of “Marvel Now!” announced.

There’ll be a Teen Titans GO! digital first series in December.

New writers and artists for Supergirl and Superboy on their #26 issuesThere are some more switch ups of writers/artists on other books as well including Aquaman where Geoff Johns is leaving and joining the book is Jeff Parker.

That was a lot of news. Thanks to the wonderful blogs that broke these stories who are linked throughout this post. Visit them. They’re all great and have their own cool perspectives on comics.

Till next week,

– Ardo and Christa


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