Marvel Comics wins NYCC

One of the best things about Comic Con is all the announcements. New movies, new TV shows and of course, new comic books.  There’s guaranteed to be at least a few books that catch my eye. This year, however, Marvel pulled out all the stops. They announced so many new books that I absolutely have to have and it really does seem like they’re listening to their fans. Here’s a list of my top picks:

she hulk

She Hulk returns in her own solo series! It’s written by Charles Soule (who I’m a tad apprehensive of) and illustrated by  Javier Pulido. I really hope they do this fabulous character justice.

black widow

Black Widow is also getting her own solo series. Written by Nathan Edmundson and drawn by Phil Soto this series will look at her life when she’s not being an Avenger.


Elektra  – written Zeb Wells and with interior art and covers by Mike Del Mundo. Confession: I know nothing, zip, nadda about Elektra. I haven’t read any Daredevil comics, I didn’t see the movie…seriously I’ve got nothing. But the art for this book looks so gorgeous I’m going to read it anyway.

captain marvel 1

Captain Marvel is relaunching. I’m not 100% clear on why it’s relaunching, but word is will be seeing more of Captain Marvel in space, which sounds pretty cool. Kelly Sue Deconnick is staying on as the writer and David Lopez is coming over from X-Men for interiors. (What does this mean for X-Men? I have no clue).

new warriors

New Warriors almost slipped by me! It will be written by Chris Yost and art by Marcus To. Looks like members will include; Justice, Nova, Speedball, Scarlet Spider and Sun Girl. I am familiar with almost none of these characters, but I’ve really been enjoying Young Avengers and I’m hoping this is in the same vein.

silver surfer

Dan Slott announced he would be writing a Silver Surfer with Mike Allred illustrating. Never paid much attention to Silver Surfer, but the description of an alien who can travel throughout space with a female companion (Dawn Greenwood) just sounds too much like Doctor Who for me to pass on. Plus I adored Allred’s work on FF.

all new x factor

All New X-Factor by Peter David and art by  Carmine Di Giandomenico. So far the team members announced are Polaris, Quicksilver and Gambit. I saw Gambit and I was sold.

On the DC side of things, there were less promising announcements – except one. But it’s one that I am VERY excited for. Next year a new Batman Eternal book will hit shelves and in the third issue Stephanie Brown will be returning to the DC Universe! I personally think this calls for a Batgirl themed party.

stephanie brown

For even more new series announcements check out yesterday’s News Day Tuesday


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